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General Information

l. Buying a New Dog.

Dogs can bring joy to your home and enrich your life so much, that they quickly become a part of your family. However, they also mean responsibility for their owners. There are a lot of decisions to make and factors to consider before you decide to bring home a new puppy. Don't give in to impulse and take home a puppy at the wrong time and do your research first. By making the right choices at this time, it will save you money and possibly heartbreak later down the line.

What you should take into account when buying a new dog?

  1. Do You Want to Buy a New Dog Because You Have More Free Time?
    When the situation changes, you could have less free time and more workload. Therefore, COVID-19 or any other epidemy is not a good reason for buying a new dog.
  2. Would You Have the Dog Locked in Crate For Most of The Days?
    A dog is not a thing and you should not confine him to a crate for a long time. If you dedicate him only one or two hours per day, buy a hamster.
  3. Do You Have Time and Space to Raise New Member of Your Family?
    The Puppy needs a lot of love and attention. If you have small children in your family which need your attention, consider buying a dog later.
  4. Can You Afford A Dog?
    A dog needs food, vet visits for vaccinations, and other services. In the Czech republic, most of the people’s income goes right for their pet’s expenditures.
  5. How Often Are You Going on Holidays or Leaving Your Home?
    Consider, whether you are comfortable leaving the dog with someone who will need to také care of him and if this person has the ability to také care of him. If you plan on taking your dog with you on holiday, be prepared on looking for hotels that accept pets.

ll. Choosing a Breed

Every breed is different. By their appearance, behaviour, and personality. If you are not sure, which breed is the right for you, you can go and visit some dog shows or read the breed’s characteristics. During the selection, you should consider for example, how much time you will have to be with him, how physically active you are, and for which purpose do you want him.

lll.Bringing a New Puppy Home

Bringing a new dog into your life is an exciting event, but it’s also one that can be stressful for both you and your pup until you’ve settled into a routine. Be patient, and use the following tips to help your pet adjust to the new home.

What to Do Once Your Dog Is Home

lV. New Puppy Supplies: The Essentials

Puppies like babies need a lot of stuff. Some of them can be bought beforehand some of them cannot. They require food and water bowls, treats, toys, and more to enjoy a healthy and enriched life in their new home. If you’re welcoming home your first puppy or haven’t been in charge of the shopping list before, you may not know everything you need for your new arrival. Here in Flash Frenchies, we made our own Checklist of what we think you need.

What To Buy For Your Puppy?

Puppy Checklist by Flash Frenchies