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If you are looking for a small, friendly, and intelligent dog, who will be a loyal friend in every life situation, a French Bulldog is right for you.

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The description of the French Bulldog/Frenchie (Bouledogue Francais)

The French Bulldog is classified as a small Molossian dog, which is a breed with a strong and powerful bone structure, who is loyal solely to his/her master. Like all mastiffs, the small Molossian dogs descended from the Epirus and the Roman Empire molossers. The bulldog we know is the product of different crossings done by enthusiastic breeders in the popular quarters of Paris in the 1880s. During that period, the Bulldog was a dog belonging to Parisian market porters, butchers and coachmen, it soon won over high society and it rapidly became popular.
The first breed club was founded in 1880 in Paris. In 1898, Bouledogue Francais was finally considered as a breed and Société Centrale Canine accepted the first standard of how the French Bulldog should look like. Almost 100 years later, Fédération Cynologiques Internationale (FCI) approved this breed again, when the publication of the original standard of French Bulldog was accepted and officially published. This standard still applies today.

General appearance: The type is of a small-sized Molossian. A powerful dog for its small size, short, stocky, compact in all its proportions, smooth-coated, with a snub nose, erect ears, and a naturally short tail.
Weight: Males: 9–14 kg. Females: 8–13 kg.
Coat colour: fawn, brindled or not, with or without white spotting. A blue, lilac and other colour are results of a cross-breed of the french bulldog with other species (mostly in puppy mills), are not approved by the FCI standard and often means serious defects for the individual. Personality: French Bulldog is

Kids: French Bulldog loves children and behaves with care and attention. Because of his calm personality and strong massive physique, he can handle even more careless behaviour of children.
Other dogs: French bulldog is a strong member of a pack. He accepts the authority of strong dogs in the pack and easily gets along with them. However, with strangers, he watches his territory and can attack if necessary.