We have loved dogs for more than 30 years.

 Our first dog was a Yorkshire Terrier, followed by Dutch Shepherds, Chihuahua, Pug and finally a French Bulldog. The bulldog Flash has become so strongly in our hearts that we have decided to breed French Bulldogs. We founded the Flash Frenchies FCI kennel in 2017. At that time we had our first two puppies, Mařenka (May Bee Sam Karann) and Béďa (Berta Žofie BullTeam). The bulldog girls became part of our family and as time went on, we decided to expand our family. From the first litters we kept two girls Aňa (Anouska Flash Frenchies) and Bibi (Bibi Flash Frenchies), as well as a beautiful boy Herkules (Bleck Flash Frenchies). This year we expanded the breeding with two more girls - OZZY (Izzy Od Stříbrňáku) and Wiki (Winona Alsamar). The kennel also includes the pug Jimmi, chihuahua Kubík, bichon Luky and  Pyrenean shepherd von banhof Míša.


The kennel is located in a small village near Prague. Dogs have a house, a large garden and a private pool. Our puppies grow up in a natural environment in a diverse dog kennel and socialize quickly. A large garden and frequent walks allow the free and healthy development of physical activities of dogs. We also place a  great emphasis on quality and varied food as well as wealth of our dogs. All of them are medically tested and needs to be in perfect health.




Owner and main breeder: Romana Entlerová



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